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10 Cool Ideas to Make Use of Your Roof

rooftop poolIt’s so easy to underestimate the wealth of possibilities for such a practically important, but often forgotten-about part of the home as your roof. Take a look below at just 10 of our suggestions for how you can make better use of the top of your property – some of them more feasible for the average English homeowner than others.

  1. Create a rooftop terrace

It’s the ultimate way to make use of your roof for recreational purposes, and it could be more attainable than you first presume, at least according to this Time Out London article, which suggested you could make it possible with change from £10,000.

  1. Install solar panels

There are many widely recognised advantages of having solar panels fitted to your roof, including the opportunity to protect yourself against rising energy costs for many years to come.

  1. Introduce a skylight… or several

Skylights may look gorgeous, but they can also be very practical, with opening ones available as well as those you can safely walk on if you would like to incorporate a few into your roof terrace.

  1. Alternatively, try a dormer window

If you fancy something a bit more traditional-looking for allowing more light into your home, with the same visibility that any other conventional window would offer, a dormer window could make the perfect skylight alternative.

  1. Have your roof insulated

The energy-saving advantages of roof insulation are well known, and when you have your own roofing insulated by ELC Roofing Ltd, you can take advantage of any of a range of highly rated material options, including – but not limited to – Triso, Celotex and Rockwool.

  1. Convert your loft

In today’s age when so many people are forced to ‘improve rather than move’, it’s surely a no-brainer to have the largest unused space in your house converted into a livable area such as a study, games room or lounge.

  1. Make a roof garden

Rooftop gardens seem to have become ‘in vogue’ in recent times among urban professionals who want to bring a little of the rural life to their abode. If you are one of them, the roof may be the only area of your home where you can indulge this passion!

  1. Expose your roof from the inside

Are you interested in combining a roof rebuild with an attic conversion? Take a look at how architect Thomas Croft created a beautifully exposed boarded roof in this gorgeously airy conversion.

  1. Invest in natural wood materials

Did you know that ELC Roofing Ltd doesn’t just provide the likes of copper roofs and zinc roofs, also constructing stunning roofing in such natural wood materials as oak shakes and cedar shingles? Simply drop us a line to receive more information about these enchanting roofing options.

  1. Build a rooftop swimming pool

Fair enough, so this one is especially outlandish – if you want to know just how outlandish, take a look at this Forbes article, “Rooftop Pools To Make Your Head Swim“. Ah well, you could always just salivate at the photography…

Has your imagination been fired by this list of (admittedly not always realistic) ideas? If so, get in touch with the skilled and qualified professionals at ELC Roofing Ltd today, and you may find that certain ambitions you have for your roof aren’t as unattainable as you initially thought.

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