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5 Design Ideas for New Roof Builds

Saturday, April 30th, 2016

As homeowners throughout Suffolk and the other parts of England immediately surrounding our Sudbury base know, here at ELC Roofing Ltd, we love to undertake all manner of roof rebuilds, drawing upon our decades of collective relevant knowledge and experience.

Skylight CeilingSometimes, we create entirely new roofs for more modern properties, while on other occasions, we are called upon to carry out sensitive restoration work on older and listed buildings.

So, we thought we would use some of that knowledge and experience to suggest five great design ideas that you may not have considered for your own home’s roofing.

  1. Gambrel roof

There are a lot of more unusual or elaborate designs that you could apply to your property’s roofing. However, we have always especially loved the sophisticated look of the gambrel roof, which is a normally symmetrical two-sided roof with two slopes on each side – the upper slope positioned at a shallower angle and the lower slope, a steeper one.

  1. Saltbox roof

This is such a fascinating roof design to look at. It is a long, pitched roof that slopes down the back of a property, to such an extent that the building may be a one-floor building towards the back, but a two or even three-floor one at the front. We love the folklore story that this design arose in the early 18th century due to Queen Anne’s taxation of houses greater than one storey, although it sadly isn’t true.

  1. Skylights

Skylights have a long history themselves and remain a key design feature of the roofs of many old and new buildings alike. Of course, it’s nice to have a bit more natural light flooding into your home, especially given the well-known health benefits of sunlight. However, a skylight can also reduce your energy costs and consumption, meaning lower costs, with one that is capable of opening also a potentially invaluable passive air conditioner. A well-designed and made skylight is also visually impressive, adding interest to all manner of spaces within the home.

  1. Flat roof

Once upon a time, you may have only opted for a flat roof if you were investing in a home extension. These days, though, many modernist and postmodernist roofing designs incorporate flat elements, although it’s true that relatively few ‘flat’ roofs are completely flat, given the need for an incline for water and debris to run off. The top of a well-made flat roof could even be decked out and turned into a brilliant outdoor living space in its own right.

  1. Curved roof

This type of roofing is often seen on more recent buildings, on which they tend to represent a cutting-edge contemporary design statement. That said, many traditional structures also incorporate curved roofs, with various copper roofs that we have installed for clients here at ELC Roofing Ltd being curved, making the most of the ductility and malleability of this material.

Whatever form or features you can imagine creating for your roof, the chances are that it can be made a reality with the help of ELC Roofing Ltd’s well-trained and highly experienced professionals! Just contact us now for a discussion about how our knowhow in roof rebuilds could help to transform your home.

10 Cool Ideas to Make Use of Your Roof

Monday, April 25th, 2016

rooftop poolIt’s so easy to underestimate the wealth of possibilities for such a practically important, but often forgotten-about part of the home as your roof. Take a look below at just 10 of our suggestions for how you can make better use of the top of your property – some of them more feasible for the average English homeowner than others.

  1. Create a rooftop terrace

It’s the ultimate way to make use of your roof for recreational purposes, and it could be more attainable than you first presume, at least according to this Time Out London article, which suggested you could make it possible with change from ¬£10,000.

  1. Install solar panels

There are many widely recognised advantages of having solar panels fitted to your roof, including the opportunity to protect yourself against rising energy costs for many years to come.

  1. Introduce a skylight… or several

Skylights may look gorgeous, but they can also be very practical, with opening ones available as well as those you can safely walk on if you would like to incorporate a few into your roof terrace.

  1. Alternatively, try a dormer window

If you fancy something a bit more traditional-looking for allowing more light into your home, with the same visibility that any other conventional window would offer, a dormer window could make the perfect skylight alternative.

  1. Have your roof insulated

The energy-saving advantages of roof insulation are well known, and when you have your own roofing insulated by ELC Roofing Ltd, you can take advantage of any of a range of highly rated material options, including – but not limited to – Triso, Celotex and Rockwool.

  1. Convert your loft

In today’s age when so many people are forced to ‘improve rather than move’, it’s surely a no-brainer to have the largest unused space in your house converted into a livable area such as a study, games room or lounge.

  1. Make a roof garden

Rooftop gardens seem to have become ‘in vogue’ in recent times among urban professionals who want to bring a little of the rural life to their abode. If you are one of them, the roof may be the only area of your home where you can indulge this passion!

  1. Expose your roof from the inside

Are you interested in combining a roof rebuild with an attic conversion? Take a look at how architect Thomas Croft created a beautifully exposed boarded roof in this gorgeously airy conversion.

  1. Invest in natural wood materials

Did you know that ELC Roofing Ltd doesn’t just provide the likes of copper roofs and zinc roofs, also constructing stunning roofing in such natural wood materials as oak shakes and cedar shingles? Simply drop us a line to receive more information about these enchanting roofing options.

  1. Build a rooftop swimming pool

Fair enough, so this one is especially outlandish – if you want to know just how outlandish, take a look at this Forbes article, “Rooftop Pools To Make Your Head Swim“. Ah well, you could always just salivate at the photography…

Has your imagination been fired by this list of (admittedly not always realistic) ideas? If so, get in touch with the skilled and qualified professionals at ELC Roofing Ltd today, and you may find that certain ambitions you have for your roof aren’t as unattainable as you initially thought.

What Makes a Good Flat Roof?

Monday, April 25th, 2016

Flat roofing sounds like the kind of roofing that would be inherently quite simple to construct, thereby not requiring much forethought by those needing to ensure the best such roof for their own property. Alas, this isn’t quite the case, with flat roofing actually often associated with a wide range of problems when it isn’t installed by well-trained and reputable professionals.

With that in mind, here are the qualities that you should make sure are apparent in your own choice of flat roofing.

flat roofingThe ability to withstand the elements

It’s easy to presume that the less complicated outward appearance of flat roofing would make it a relative doddle to maintain compared to pitched roofing, but unfortunately, these roofs are no less vulnerable to damage over time from rain, snow, sun, frost and wind.

This is a big reason why so many flat roofs aren’t actually flat, but instead slightly inclined, in order to allow any water or debris to run off. Draining the roof to one or two edges is advisable, with conventional gutters preferable to internal outlets. If you do opt for internal outlets, they should be the right size to cope with storm conditions, in addition to being fitted with leaf and gravel guards.

The National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC) recommends that the waterproofing for flat roofs extends no less than 150mm (6in) up adjacent walls from the roof surface in all cases, as well as that the waterproofing system’s top edge is protected by a cover flashing appropriate to the membrane.

You can learn more about the NFRC’s guidance on how flat roofing can be made to withstand a wide range of environmental conditions in its informative The Householder’s Guide To Flat Roofing.

A robust choice of covering

This is an especially renowned aspect of our own flat roofing here at ELC Roofing Ltd! Our choice of felt ensures maximum durability and longevity, with the three layer ICOPAL Lasergold mineral that we use being guaranteed for 15 to 20 years and insurance backed.

Not only are three layers of felt used, but your flat roof’s longevity and strength are further ensured by high tensile polyester re-enforcements with low melt SBS bitumen modifications.

Although you could theoretically minimise the price of your flat roofing by using the cheapest felt for the aforementioned layers, the relative affordability of even the best quality felt compared to other material options – together with the longevity factor – often makes it advisable to opt for the more expensive materials.

The structure of your roof is also key

While the covering for your felt roofing is an important factor, the underlying structure is even more so, with timber roof joists needing to be sufficiently substantial to resist sagging over time. If this does occur, your flat roof can become more vulnerable to standing water that makes its way into your home through the smallest pin-prick.

For similar reasons of sagging over time, we would suggest that you do not use chipboard as a decking material – this being a particular problem when it is softened by condensation from below.

So, there you have it – a rundown of the qualities that you should expect in any flat roof that you invest in for your property. If you want to ensure that all of those expectations are met, you know what to do – simply contact ELC Roofing Ltd’s professionals today for a discussion about your needs, followed by a competitive, free, no-obligation quote.

A Guide to Green Roofing

Monday, April 25th, 2016

green roofNo, we aren’t referring to environmentally friendly roofing with our use of the word “green”, and nor are we talking about merely switching the colour of your roof tiles! What we are referring to, is how roofs can be made literally “green” with vegetation – and it’s fair to say that the results could be spectacular when you get the right roofing professionals to work on your own home’s green roof.

According to The GRO Green Roof Code of Practice for the UK 2014, “A green roof is created when a planting scheme is established on a roof structure. The roof can be at ground level, often with an underground car park beneath, or many storeys higher.

“Green roofs can be designed as recreational spaces to be enjoyed by people, as visual, sustainable or ecological features to support wildlife or a combination of both.”

Why may you invest in green roofing?

There is a wide range of reasons why you may wish to introduce a green roof to your own home. You may want to do your bit for the environment, contributing to a more sustainable world of greater biodiversity, or you may have caught onto the recent craze for rooftop gardens and want to indulge your green-fingered side in your urban home.

It has even been said that green roofing has financial benefits, as its cooling nature can heighten the amount of power produced by any Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels that you install.

What are the important design considerations for green roofs?

If you are to design a successful green roof, you will first need to establish why you are creating such roofing and whether the intended site for it is suitable.

As far as the latter is concerned, you will need to take into account location factors such as the regional and local climate and the amount of rainfall and sunlight that the area typically sees. You should also establish how exposed the roof will be to the likes of wind, frost and snow.

The structure of your roof – including its load capacity and pitch – also needs to be right if it is to be converted into a green roof. Also, is there a safe way to access your roof so that a green roof can be installed?

Remember that the plants that you intend to have on your green roof will also have a certain draught and shade tolerance and require a given depth of substrate. Various other issues concerning habitat creation and the wider environment can affect the suitability of your intended site and how you approach the design of your green roof, so don’t be afraid to contact ELC Roofing Ltd today for more specific guidance.

A wide range of factors to consider

There are many more aspects to bear in mind when you are seeking to have a green roof created, not least of which is waterproofing, which really does need to be of the best quality, with the roof being leak tested prior to the installation of landscaping.

You will also need to ensure that your chosen drainage can cope with intense rainfall, and then there’s the small matter of deciding on a landscape design that suits your motivations for having a green roof created in the first place.

Could a green roof be the right solution for your home? Don’t forget that when you get in touch with ELC Roofing Ltd, we will happily provide you with a free, competitive, no-obligation quote for your required roofing work, making the most of our extensive background in roof rebuilds and minor repairs alike.

Revealed: the best ways to add value to your home

Friday, April 1st, 2016


Here at ELC Roofing Ltd, we love to carry out all manner of roof rebuilds, repairs and other improvements, for all manner of reasons – including to fulfil certain aesthetic or practical requirements, as well as for simple homeowner peace of mind.

However, there’s one other very common reason for people to approach us about roof improvements – the chance to add significant value to their properties.

The incredible financial benefits of a new roof

You may be actively looking to sell your home, and therefore want to ensure that its roof is in the best possible condition before you put it onto the market. Alternatively, you may have decided to ‘improve rather than move’ in light of the UK’s continued high property prices, and therefore wish to have your current roof replaced or repaired so that it looks the part while also delivering the greatest possible energy efficiency and insulation performance.

Whatever the exact nature of the work that you would like to have carried out on your property’s roof, we can almost certainly do it here at ELC Roofing Ltd! Our well-trained, skilled and experienced roofers can undertake everything from tiling and slating to carpentry work, lead work and loft insulation.

Whether you require us to install a roof made from tile, slate, copper or zinc, as well as whether the property in question is a listed building, church, barn or any other roofed structure, we will carry out the work to the most fastidious professional standards.

Discover the many amazing ways to bolster the price of your property

Even if you don’t intend to move home any time soon or for many years, having your roof replaced can still make plenty of long-term financial sense. According to one recent analysis, roof improvements bring a homeowner an average profit of ¬£2,600 when they come to sell, equating to a 63% return on investment (ROI).

All of this rather begs the question… is a new roof the only way to make your home more valuable for prospective purchasers? The short answer is, definitely not! Indeed, we decided to look ourselves at the many popular ways of adding value to a property, from installing solar panels and introducing an extra bathroom, right through to undertaking a loft conversion and building a conservatory. What improvements bring the greatest financial benefit?

For the results of our analysis, check our informative infographic below. Some of our findings were surprising, while others were much less so. While it might not exactly shock you to learn, for example, that investing in a loft conversion and extra bedroom can add a lot of value to your home, we didn’t expect the figure to be quite as high as 10%. Meanwhile, we discovered that an extra bedroom could add as much as 6% to the value of a property, but also as little as 1%.

Talk to ELC Roofing Ltd about your roof improvement needs!

There are many more home improvements covered in our insightful infographic, including even the likes of a swimming pool and extra parking space. However, if you decide that it is work on your roof that you would like to start with first, you have certainly come to the right place here at ELC Roofing Ltd.

Our seasoned tradesmen know that home improvements like those to your roof are an absolutely vital investment, but that they won’t deliver the added value that you need them to unless they are of the absolute highest quality. So, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for a free no-obligation quote for our truly industry-leading roof improvements.

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