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5 great roof maintenance tips

Roofing is one of those parts of the house that can be so easily overlooked, but which can present problems if you don’t have some kind of maintenance regime ongoing. Here are five of our favourite tips for ensuring the suitable maintenance of your roof.

  1. Inspect your roof twice a year

This frequency should be a minimum requirement, and it is recommended that you check your roofing from both the outside and inside of your loft. The former is ideally done with binoculars, from ground level and possibly from a neighbouring property if possible, as this may provide a better vantage point.

When inspecting inside the loft, any visible daylight is a sure sign that something is missing on the outside. Water staining in the loft is another telltale indication of trouble.


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  1. Look at other parts of the roof

It isn’t just the roofing tiles that you should be scrutinising – also pay close attention to the guttering, flashing and chimney stacks and pots.

  1. Bear your type of roof in mind

The given type of roof makes all of the difference – zinc roofs are not subject to the exact same maintenance requirements as copper roofs, for instance, but our own expertise here at ELC Roofing Ltd. goes much further than just these roofing types.


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Thatched roofs, for instance, are surprisingly maintenance-free, save for the occasional redoing of the ridge – lifespans of as long as 70 years are far from unheard-of. However, thatch is costly and also poses a fire risk, which can be minimised by such practices as having any working chimney swept at least twice a year, getting a qualified electrician to check the wiring every five years and keeping the chimney stacks in the best possible condition.

If you have a flat roof, meanwhile, leaks are the big hazard rather than fires, due to their often overly shallow gradients that allow the pooling of rainwater and its eventual entrance into the room below.

Such flat roof leaks can also arise if the structure or materials beneath the roof covering are inadequate, so you should keep a close eye on the covering’s condition even if the roof’s gradient is sufficiently steep.

  1. Seek clues on the ground

A problem with your roof can also be indicated by debris on the ground from shingles or broken slate tiles. If either of these do turn out to be missing from your roof, you should have them swiftly reinstated before damage can be caused to roof timbers or plaster ceilings.

  1. Get a trusted roofing company to undertake repairs

There’s only so much that you can do to maintain and repair your own roofing, which is why you are strongly advised to contact a reputable specialist in roof rebuilds, repairs and maintenance to undertake any more specialised work. Get in touch with ELC Roofing Ltd., and you’ll discover that with us, there really is no job too big or small.

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