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A Guide to Green Roofing

green roofNo, we aren’t referring to environmentally friendly roofing with our use of the word “green”, and nor are we talking about merely switching the colour of your roof tiles! What we are referring to, is how roofs can be made literally “green” with vegetation – and it’s fair to say that the results could be spectacular when you get the right roofing professionals to work on your own home’s green roof.

According to The GRO Green Roof Code of Practice for the UK 2014, “A green roof is created when a planting scheme is established on a roof structure. The roof can be at ground level, often with an underground car park beneath, or many storeys higher.

“Green roofs can be designed as recreational spaces to be enjoyed by people, as visual, sustainable or ecological features to support wildlife or a combination of both.”

Why may you invest in green roofing?

There is a wide range of reasons why you may wish to introduce a green roof to your own home. You may want to do your bit for the environment, contributing to a more sustainable world of greater biodiversity, or you may have caught onto the recent craze for rooftop gardens and want to indulge your green-fingered side in your urban home.

It has even been said that green roofing has financial benefits, as its cooling nature can heighten the amount of power produced by any Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels that you install.

What are the important design considerations for green roofs?

If you are to design a successful green roof, you will first need to establish why you are creating such roofing and whether the intended site for it is suitable.

As far as the latter is concerned, you will need to take into account location factors such as the regional and local climate and the amount of rainfall and sunlight that the area typically sees. You should also establish how exposed the roof will be to the likes of wind, frost and snow.

The structure of your roof – including its load capacity and pitch – also needs to be right if it is to be converted into a green roof. Also, is there a safe way to access your roof so that a green roof can be installed?

Remember that the plants that you intend to have on your green roof will also have a certain draught and shade tolerance and require a given depth of substrate. Various other issues concerning habitat creation and the wider environment can affect the suitability of your intended site and how you approach the design of your green roof, so don’t be afraid to contact ELC Roofing Ltd today for more specific guidance.

A wide range of factors to consider

There are many more aspects to bear in mind when you are seeking to have a green roof created, not least of which is waterproofing, which really does need to be of the best quality, with the roof being leak tested prior to the installation of landscaping.

You will also need to ensure that your chosen drainage can cope with intense rainfall, and then there’s the small matter of deciding on a landscape design that suits your motivations for having a green roof created in the first place.

Could a green roof be the right solution for your home? Don’t forget that when you get in touch with ELC Roofing Ltd, we will happily provide you with a free, competitive, no-obligation quote for your required roofing work, making the most of our extensive background in roof rebuilds and minor repairs alike.

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