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How do I know if I need a roof repair?

It’s easy to overlook problems with your roof, probably because you simply aren’t used to paying much attention to this part of the home.

Often, you will only realise the need for repairs to your roofing when it has reached a dire state – so what can you do to pick out the signs of impending disaster, and what are those signs that require you to get on the phone to a roof rebuilds specialist like ELC Roofing Ltd.?

Check your roofing regularly

First of all, never underestimate the importance of periodically keeping an eye on your roof.

Not only does spotting damage early mean that you can order the remedial action necessary to prevent much greater expense at a later date, but in more extreme cases, a poorly maintained roof could even cave in on you – not a danger that you should be exposing yourself or your family to.


Problems with tiled vs flat roofs  

The exact signs that you need to look out for can differ depending on the type of roof that your property has. If your building has a tiled roof, damp or leaks are possibly the most obvious signs from the inside, potentially indicating a slipped or cracked tile.

Tiles blowing off your roof can enable water to penetrate the underlying felt, potentially leading to much greater damage – hence, the need to take action as soon as you identify an issue. A missing tile also increases the likelihood of more tiles being lost in high winds.

If your property has a flat roof, meanwhile, you should keep an eye out for such signs as cracking or splitting around the edges, sagging or damp patches on the ceiling – the latter possibly indicating a tear to the roof.

Other issues that may arise

Water damage is a sufficiently vague symptom as to be conceivably caused by something other than your roof – rainwater simply blowing in from an open window, for instance. However, such is the further damage that can quickly occur if it is indeed your roof to blame, you should be sure to check the roof straight away.

The need for repair work may also be indicated by such symptoms as the growth of moss or mould, light coming in from the roof, loose roof tiles, debris in gutters or damage to flashing, which is the material surrounding protruding roof objects like chimneys.

If you are in any way unsure as to whether a particular issue could be specifically attributed to your roof, you are welcome to get in touch with our capable and experienced roofers here at ELC Roofing Ltd. for more personalised advice.

With expertise encompassing copper roofs, zinc roofs and all manner of roof rebuilds and repairs, we are the team to approach when you require assistance with your roofing in the south of England.

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