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How Do I Know Whether I Need a Zinc Roof or a Copper Roof?

roof plateWith so many different options available for a metal roof, it’s understandable that you may have a hard time deciding between a zinc roof and a copper one.

Here at ELC Roofing Ltd, we are continually asked about the comparative benefits and disadvantages of these two roofing materials in particular, so we decided to put together a quick guide to hopefully ease your decision.

What do I need to know about zinc roofs?

It isn’t difficult to understand the appeal of zinc roofs – for starters, they look simply stunning, not least given the wide range of finishes that we can supply here at ELC Roofing Ltd, from natural grey and blue/grey to graphite, anthracite and quartz.

The sheer versatility of zinc as a building material is also undoubted, it frequently being formed into spectacular shapes and curves and used as flashing around dormer windows and chimneys. Zinc is also extremely durable to the point of being self-healing, the material recovering over time if it is scratched. Hardly any maintenance is needed for zinc, which is also recyclable and very long-lasting.

With no obvious disadvantages as a roofing material, we would always strongly recommend zinc.

So, why might I choose a copper roof instead?

It’s no surprise that homeowners often struggle to decide between copper roofs and zinc ones, given the many advantages that the former shares with the latter, even if those advantages manifest in slightly different ways.

Copper, like zinc, boasts incredible longevity as a roofing material, potentially amounting to hundreds of years. As you might therefore expect, durability is another strong suit – there are hardly any materials that we can think of that resist damage quite as strongly, with the weathering of the roof over time causing it to develop a protective patina or shield against the elements.

If there’s just one reason why you might opt for copper instead of zinc, it is surely the former’s astonishingly unique appearance, its initial gorgeous golden hue giving way over time to a distinguished green, aged look.

As for why you may go for zinc rather than copper… well, the latter is admittedly extremely expensive, although the biggest fans of copper would insist that you get what you pay for.

Do you need help with choosing the right roofing material?

ELC Roofing Ltd’s informed and experienced professionals know what big jobs roof rebuilds are – after all, they carry out them out every day. If you are unsure of the right roofing material for your own property, simply get in touch with us now for more suitably tailored advice and guidance.

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