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How to Figure Out What is Causing Your Roof Leak

Find out what is causing your roof leakRoof leaks routinely cause immense frustration and worry for homeowners, in part due to the great damage that they can cause to a property if left un-remedied, but also the difficulty of spotting what exactly is causing them.

It’s easy to think that you’ll know you have a roof leak as soon as one occurs – surely, water will be pouring through your ceiling, or there will at least be telltale spots or marks? While the above can be true, it can also be extremely difficult at times to spot that a roof leak is happening at all until it becomes a more serious issue.

Look to the most vulnerable areas first

Don’t presume that the source of your roof leak is necessarily in the same place as the evidence – water can often travel some way down the roofing from the point of entry before showing up through your ceiling. This can make it even tougher to determine a roof leak’s cause.

Nonetheless, one good pointer is to focus first on the most commonly vulnerable areas of a roof, such as at the joints around your roofing flashings and sealants.

Frequently check the seals around the perimeter of your roof, as it is these that tend to take the most punishment from adverse weather, due to the vulnerability for weak spots to develop where there is a change from one roofing material to another.

What else could be causing your roof leak?

Sometimes, you only need to step outside to identify the obvious cause of a roof leak, such as missing roof tiles. However, in most cases, it takes much more effort to pinpoint the exact point at which water is penetrating your roofing.

Complicating the matter is the fact that water staining on ceilings doesn’t always have anything to do with the roof at all – it may be condensation, for example, although this will still require attention, so it is helpful to be able to distinguish between the two causes.

If condensation is to blame, the offending stain will take the form of a series of small circles, generally white in the middle and darker on the outside, and located on the ceiling near an exterior wall – such as in the corner of a room. Leak water stains, meanwhile, can surface anywhere on the ceiling and tend to present in a concentric ring pattern, with the darkest ring in the centre and the lightest circles on the outside.

Get in touch with us about your roofing worries

Even with all of this guidance, however, it can be very difficult and time-consuming to locate the source of a roof leak in your home. That’s why so many homeowners turn immediately to a roofing specialist like ELC Roofing Ltd.

We employ highly professional and qualified personnel who know the most vulnerable spots on a roof and can therefore quickly pick out the source of a problem, in addition to providing suitably tailored guidance on what to do next.

Call ELC Roofing Ltd today for help with your own roof leak!

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