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How We Can Help Your Leadwork Needs

Lead sheeting is among the oldest of roofing materials, and it’s still used today due to its superb durability and ability to be worked into all kinds of shapes. In fact, it’s been known to last over 200 years when laid down correctly, and can still be seen on older buildings such as churches, cathedrals, and castles.

Today, leadwork is used even for residential houses, being fitted around certain areas in order to provide additional protection against the elements and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. However, faults can arise when certain rules of good practice are ignored, or when the professional responsible has failed to develop a strong understanding of the material.


Luckily, ELC Roofing employs only the finest construction professionals; each one of our teamisfully skilled in both lead bossing and burning (welding) and has achieved an NVQ in leadwork. They can provide assistance whether your current leadwork is in need of attention or if you need completely new leadwork added to your property.

If your current leadwork is in need of repair, our team boasts the experience and knowledge necessary to diagnose the problem and make an appropriate recommendation. If the leadwork is in mostly good condition with only a few minor problems, then it is usually easy enough to repair what is there. More serious or extensive issues will necessitate the replacement of the leadwork. Our team will be able to decide which option is best, and will also be able to assess whether any adjacent materials require additional work.

These skilled tradespeople have gained experience working with lead dormers, gullies, lead flat roofs, front aprons, back gutters, cladding, capping, flashings, valleys, bell towers, spires, and welding. With such a comprehensive level of expertise, we guarantee that they’ll be able to complete your job to the highest possible standard.

Remember, working with leadwork is always going to be tricky, so it is never something you should adopt a ‘Do it Yourself’ attitude for. If you notice any signs that your property’s leadwork might be in need of professional attention – such as signs of corrosion or rusting – don’t delay in contacting one of the team at ELC Roofing today. We’ll discuss the issue, send a professional tradesperson to diagnose the issue, and then see that the job is completed as quickly as possible without sacrificing reliability.

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