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Keeping You Warm This Winter: We’ve Got You Covered

In our comfortable modern world, it’s often easy to forget how much we rely upon the roofs above our heads, especially when winter comes around. Unfortunately, our dependence can come flooding back should anything go wrong during the frosty winter months, so make sure you take advantage of our services to ensure that you’re completely covered.


Rain, snow, and sleet are all common weather conditions during the winter, and each one can contribute to issues of damp. Heavier rainfall often means that your roof is tested like never before, and both ice and snow can easily build up. Unfortunately, that ice and snow will melt when heat comes through your roof.

If moisture penetrates it can seriously damage the roof’s structural integrity, often leading to mould and rot. Let us take a look at yours – particularly if you notice any loose tiles – to make sure this doesn’t happen.



The weather isn’t the only thing from which your roof takes a beating. When winter comes, small animals and insects begin to seek out any cracks, holes, or areas of rot where they can hunker down and wait out the season, and they’re particularly good at finding those spaces in your roof.

This can cause a surprising amount of damage. Insects will quickly infest the home, while larger creatures will make cracks and holes bigger and bring additional materials inside the structure. Another good reason to ensure that your roof is in good condition.

Wildlife on Roof

Ice and Snow

Your roof should have been designed to withstand the additional weight of snow. However, it’s worth remembering that problems can still occur. Structural failuresdue to snow can occur when snowfall is excessive, the workmanship was inferior, or due to inadequate drainage.  Remember, climate change is making heavy snowfall during the UK winter harder to predict.

If any of these problems have made your roof less able to handle the weight of snow and ice, it will be in danger of breaking this winter. Call in a professional if you’re concerned.

 Snow on Roof

A roofing problem during winter can fill your home with cold air and moisture, a situation that no homeowner wants to risk. If you’re not 100% confident in the quality of your roof, contact one of the team at ELC Roofing today.

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