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Keeping Your House Cool For The Summer Months

House with shuttersAs temperatures and daylight hours gradually edge up, so for many homeowners, the focus is turning from keeping warm to keeping cool. It’s easy to presume that the answer to spring sweltering is to simply crank up the air conditioning, but there is actually a wide range of ways to keep your house cool as we heat towards the height of summer.

Close the windows and draw the curtains

Your instinct on those balmy summer days may be to throw open the windows. But if you really care about keeping cool, the opposite approach is the way to go at the warmest time of day, as it’ll prevent the entrance of hot air into your home. Then, by night, open the windows again for some much-needed cool breeze.

Switch from warm to cold foods

The kitchen generates more heat than any other room in the house, so you might want to avoid using the oven too much. Instead, opt for cold foods like salad, and leave the dishwasher alone in favour of drying your plates in the warm air. If you absolutely insist on cooking, at least place lids on your pans.

Avoid long daytime showers

If there’s one room that can be almost as culpable as the kitchen when it comes to domestic heat generation, it has to be the bathroom – at least when you take those long, hot showers that can produce so much steam and humidity. If, then, there’s any time of year to take swift, cold showers, it is now!

Paint your roof white

It may sound like a slightly drastic method for cooling your home, but the general principle that white reflects heat has informed the colour choice for many a Mediterranean villa, and it could be similarly useful for your own home, too.

That said, as experts in roofing here at ELC Roofing Ltd, we would strongly advise against climbing onto your roof to paint it if you aren’t a professional roofer, for safety reasons above all else. This may make the fitting of white curtains or blinds a more sensible idea.

Invest in roof insulation…

Most of us associate roof insulation with the retention of more heat within a home during the winter, rather than keeping heat out during the summer. However, home insulation can actually be just as effective at keeping your home cool as it is at keeping it warm.

How so? Well, the way insulation works is by slowing the movement of heat between two spaces, so if it’s hot outside, that layer of Triso, Celotex or Rockwool could be just the thing for preventing such heat from getting into your home, meaning that you won’t need to pay so much for air conditioning.

Even better news is that according to the Energy Saving Trust, loft insulation is effective for at least 42 years and should pay for itself many times over – so it really is a great investment for many summers to come.

…or a whole new roof

With every passing year and decade, roofing design and technology are becoming more and more sophisticated, which equates to increasingly energy-efficient homes.

If you are looking into roof rebuilds anyway, you may therefore simply talk to our experts in zinc roofs and all manner of other roofing types here at ELC Roofing Ltd, about a brand new roof that could help to make your property almost as good at keeping out heat during the summer as a brand new home.

Follow the aforementioned tips to help keep your home as cool as possible this summer, and remember – if you think your roofing could be partly at fault for your overheating home, our seasoned professionals here at ELC Roofing Ltd are happy to investigate further and give you the benefit of our informed and impartial advice.

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