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New Year, New Roof

roofing tilesThe New Year is when many of us traditionally come up with our ‘resolutions’ for the 12 months ahead. These tend to be in reference to such long-held ambitions and dreams as getting fit, taking a course, clearing debt, getting that dream job… or replacing our home’s roofing.

Hold on a minute… replacing our home’s roofing? Yes, that’s right, some people really do aspire to bring in the New Year in style with a new roof for their humble abode, and it’s a much easier dream to make a reality than you might think.

Could I really have a new roof this January?

Whereas getting fit or switching job requires considerable motivation and effort, professional roof rebuilds entail very little work from you. Indeed, it is advisable not to carry out any such work at all, other than determining your need for a new roof before calling actual roofing experts like those of ELC Roofing Ltd.

Some people wonder about the logic of having zinc, slate or copper roofing installed at this time of year. But when you think about it, it’s actually perfectly logical for many of us.

Let’s imagine, for example, that you suddenly discover a hole in your roof from the attic, along with a damp patch or water staining. With the cold winds, rain and snow that are so typical at this time of year, you will have plenty of opportunity to observe such damp patches or other signs to determine the extent of any developing situation.

You might need to have a new roof this January

More importantly than that, though, is that you might have to take swift action to prevent any further deterioration in the condition of your roofing and its underlying structure.

By the time the spring or summer roll around, your roof may be sagging, more roof tiles may have been lost and in a worse-case scenario, a weakened structure may be prone to collapse – thereby posing a real danger to you and your family.

Any thoughts of practical matters making it harder for your roof to be replaced – for example, bad weather hampering workmen – may therefore have to be abandoned in favour of simply getting the all-important work done.

Contact ELC Roofing Ltd about your ‘New Year roof’

In any case, you can rest assured that our roofing experts are just the people to ‘get the all-important work done’. We have extensive experience in undertaking all manner of roof rebuilds of various levels of scale and ambition, with our work also encompassing everything from the erection of scaffolding and skip hire to the disposal of materials.

Whatever type of roofing and other requirements your property has or requires, when you desire a ‘New Year roof’, there’s only one company to contact: ELC Roofing Ltd.

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