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Preventative Maintenance For Roofing

Moss on roofAlthough a good roof can last for 20 years or more – indeed, in some cases, even a lifetime – its lifespan is likely to be much longer if it is maintained appropriately. Sometimes, even the smallest maintenance touches can make a big difference to preventing more substantial, longer-term problems.

This is very much the principle of preventative maintenance. With full roof rebuilds tending to cost many thousands of pounds, you don’t necessarily need to do much to get maximum value for money from your home’s roofing.

You can start within and outside your home…

A big part of effective preventative maintenance for roofing is simply checking your roof often, so that you can contact a roofing repair specialist like ELC Roofing Ltd to provide a suitably quick and professional remedy for any problems that you spot.

Start by grabbing some binoculars and observing your roof from ground level or a neighbouring property for any obvious visual signs of problems, such as sagging gutters, missing or damaged tiles, growing moss or leaning chimneys.

Don’t forget to look down, too, for pieces of broken tile or other debris on the ground, as well as to head into your loft and check for any daylight penetration, as can occur in the event of missing or damaged covering or flashings.

What else should I know, do or look out for?

Performing the aforementioned roof inspection twice a year should be enough to pinpoint and address the majority of common roofing problems before they become serious. Not all apparent issues – such as leaning chimney stacks – necessarily require actual repair, although you should always seek the advice of an expert to be sure.

There are various other things that you can look out for, such as detached hips ridges and flashings, as can occur in windy weather if pointing hasn’t been maintained – so watch for signs of mortar droppings in gutters or gullies.

Meanwhile, if you use a fuel fire, you may also want to keep an eye out for smoke escaping from the base of pots or through brickwork – for which pointing and reflaunching may be required.

Remember: safety first!

One of the problems with preventative roofing maintenance is that there’s only so much the layperson can usually do. The use of quick-fix materials or unskilled labour can so easily make a problem worse rather than better, and then there’s the personal safety angle.

A job like cleaning out your guttering, for instance, may be a DIY job if you are able to get up a ladder – fixing the top of the ladder to a point at height and having someone foot it at all times – but if you are at all in doubt, we would always advise that you entrust the work to a team of professionals.

Such professionals certainly do not come more experienced or qualified than those here at ELC Roofing Ltd! We really do mean it when we say that “no small is too big or small”, so don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for your full range of roofing preventative maintenance needs.

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