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Revealed: the best ways to add value to your home


Here at ELC Roofing Ltd, we love to carry out all manner of roof rebuilds, repairs and other improvements, for all manner of reasons – including to fulfil certain aesthetic or practical requirements, as well as for simple homeowner peace of mind.

However, there’s one other very common reason for people to approach us about roof improvements – the chance to add significant value to their properties.

The incredible financial benefits of a new roof

You may be actively looking to sell your home, and therefore want to ensure that its roof is in the best possible condition before you put it onto the market. Alternatively, you may have decided to ‘improve rather than move’ in light of the UK’s continued high property prices, and therefore wish to have your current roof replaced or repaired so that it looks the part while also delivering the greatest possible energy efficiency and insulation performance.

Whatever the exact nature of the work that you would like to have carried out on your property’s roof, we can almost certainly do it here at ELC Roofing Ltd! Our well-trained, skilled and experienced roofers can undertake everything from tiling and slating to carpentry work, lead work and loft insulation.

Whether you require us to install a roof made from tile, slate, copper or zinc, as well as whether the property in question is a listed building, church, barn or any other roofed structure, we will carry out the work to the most fastidious professional standards.

Discover the many amazing ways to bolster the price of your property

Even if you don’t intend to move home any time soon or for many years, having your roof replaced can still make plenty of long-term financial sense. According to one recent analysis, roof improvements bring a homeowner an average profit of ¬£2,600 when they come to sell, equating to a 63% return on investment (ROI).

All of this rather begs the question… is a new roof the only way to make your home more valuable for prospective purchasers? The short answer is, definitely not! Indeed, we decided to look ourselves at the many popular ways of adding value to a property, from installing solar panels and introducing an extra bathroom, right through to undertaking a loft conversion and building a conservatory. What improvements bring the greatest financial benefit?

For the results of our analysis, check our informative infographic below. Some of our findings were surprising, while others were much less so. While it might not exactly shock you to learn, for example, that investing in a loft conversion and extra bedroom can add a lot of value to your home, we didn’t expect the figure to be quite as high as 10%. Meanwhile, we discovered that an extra bedroom could add as much as 6% to the value of a property, but also as little as 1%.

Talk to ELC Roofing Ltd about your roof improvement needs!

There are many more home improvements covered in our insightful infographic, including even the likes of a swimming pool and extra parking space. However, if you decide that it is work on your roof that you would like to start with first, you have certainly come to the right place here at ELC Roofing Ltd.

Our seasoned tradesmen know that home improvements like those to your roof are an absolutely vital investment, but that they won’t deliver the added value that you need them to unless they are of the absolute highest quality. So, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today for a free no-obligation quote for our truly industry-leading roof improvements.

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