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Roof repairs FAQ

With roof rebuilds, repairs and maintenance being a sometimes overwhelming area for those who suspect that their own roofing may be in need of some TLC, here at ELC Roofing Ltd., we thought we’d compile some of the common questions that arise about this subject, with corresponding answers from our expert team.

How do I know my roof requires repair?

There are all manner of problems that can arise with copper roofs, zinc roofs and roofing made from all manner of other materials – and the earlier they are spotted, the sooner remedial action can be carried out and more serious damage avoided. Common issues include damp, leaks, cracks, splits and sagging. If you are in any doubt, don’t hesitate to contact our skilled roofers for immediate advice.

Does my roof need to be replaced?

This is something that we can advise on when you call us, and depends very much on the nature of your roof and the problems accompanying it. However, our short answer to this question would be: “not necessarily”. A minor leak, for example, may only require repair to a small section of roof.


Can I carry out roof rebuilds or repair myself?

We would strongly advise against a ‘do-it-yourself’ (DIY) approach to most roofing repair, replacement or maintenance. Our own professional roofers are highly trained to carry out essential work to your roof both safely and to a high standard, possessing NVQs in such relevant areas as leadwork, flat roofing and/or pitched roofs.

By contrast, if you attempt to undertake such work yourself without the required experience and training, you risk causing damage to your roof through inappropriate techniques, or even sustaining serious injury by falling off or through the roof.

There are some exceptions to this – for example, small problems on single-storey buildings may be fixable by experienced DIYers – but as a general rule, most serious roofing work is best entrusted to professionals.

What are your own areas of specialism?

Here at ELC Roofing Ltd., we can provide roof maintenance, replacement and repair services relating to the full breadth of roof types and materials – from flat roofing to pitched roofs, encompassing zinc roofs, copper roofs, chimneys, leadwork, listed buildings, barns, churches and more.

In which parts of the country do you operate?

We cover a wide range of geographical areas surrounding our Sudbury, Suffolk base, including Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Essex and North London. The many towns and cities in the south of England that we serve range from Colchester, Ipswich and Chelmsford to Peterborough, Cambridge and Milton Keynes.

What are your prices?

Get in touch with our team now for a free no-obligation quote, tailored around the exact roofing work that needs to be carried out.

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