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Technological Advances in Roofing

Technological Advances in RoofingOf all of the sectors to have been impacted by the steady march of technology, roofing might not be the most obvious – and yet, it might just be among the most profound.

Our brilliantly trained, knowledgeable and seasoned roofers here at ELC Roofing Ltd are well placed to appreciate that – after all, we deal with many such technologies every day as part of our regular services for homeowners like you!

So, without further ado, here are a few of the recent technological developments that no one involved in roof rebuilds has been able to ignore.

Materials for the solar age

Solar power has never been more ‘in vogue’ than it is now, as is clear from the frequency with which roofs now incorporate solar panels.

However, there have been so many more ways in the last few years in which roofing specialists have come to better harness the sun’s rays, from tile solar roofing and solar shingles to photovoltaic roofing systems and modules. Such measures have helped to reduce energy bills for families around the world.

A broader range of colours

Whereas  in the past, the colour of your roof was dictated simply by what colour your chosen roofing material came in, technological advances have now enabled a broader choice of hues to be offered.

Many homeowners are now even opting for a roof colour on the basis of how much heat it absorbs from the sun, with darker colours tending to absorb more, and lighter shades less. But even in areas where the sun (or lack of it) is less of an issue, such expanded choice certainly allows homeowners to flaunt their individuality through their abode.

Flat roofs are getting sophisticated

Long gone are the days when flat roofs were nasty things that harboured puddles of damaging standing water and were only associated with cheap prefabricated buildings. Today, technology has helped to make flat roofs – already increasingly desirable due to their low cost and ease of installation – a more popular option than ever.

Just ask our experts here at ELC Roofing about the up-to-the-minute felt roofs that we now provide, courtesy of our three layer torch-on system that uses ICOPAL Lasergold mineral. This solution is combined with high tensile polyester reinforcements and low melt SBS bitumen modifications to deliver a life expectancy of up to 20 years.

Never underestimate our contemporary roofing!

Even if you are most interested in our staffers’ expertise in seemingly more traditional zinc roofs or copper roofs, we can provide you with unashamedly modern, high quality products as part of the most up-to-date service.

Simply get in touch with our team here at ELC Roofing Ltd for more information on how we really can bring you tomorrow’s roofing solutions today.

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