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The Benefits of a Roof Rebuild

Benefits of a new roofA good roof above our heads is one of those things that most of us probably don’t appreciate until it is suddenly no longer there. There are also many reasons why your roofing can fail, such as an especially adverse weather event, a leak that quickly deteriorates into a bigger problem or even just general wear and tear.

Whatever – for what reasons should you contact our experts in roof rebuilds about not just having some minor repair work carried out, but your roof entirely replaced?


Sometimes, homeowners simply dislike the look of their roofing and would like to give it a visual overhaul. Perhaps the materials chosen for the roof by a previous owner did not fit the appearance that you would like to give your property now, or maybe various repair jobs over the years have resulted in a mismatching ‘patchwork quilt’ of tiles? In these circumstances, you may decide to start afresh – remembering that an impressive-looking roof will also help to sell your home quicker.

Home value

Related to the aforementioned point, new roofing can add significantly to the price that you fetch for your house when you come to sell. A brand new roof has immense ‘kerb appeal’, but as with other major home improvements like loft conversions or house extensions, you will need to ensure that any roof rebuild has been done well, by the most reputable roofing specialists, in order to see the benefit. Nonetheless, according to peer-to-peer platform Zopa, a new roof could give you £2,600 profit and a 63% return on investment.


Sometimes, roofing can simply deteriorate to the point where the safety of the building’s occupants is imperilled. Do you want yourself or members of your family to be vulnerable to an outright roof collapse while they are inside the home, or even to flying tiles or debris while they are standing outside the house? A roof rebuild gives you vital peace of mind in this regard.

Energy efficiency

With every passing year, the materials that are used in roof rebuilds are becoming steadily more energy efficient – and that’s before we even mention the further advantages in this regard of loft insulation. Here at ELC Roofing Ltd, we are proud to offer Triso, Celotex and Rockwool insulation options. Still unsure? Read this Energy Saving Trust guide to how much money loft insulation can save you.

Saved money

Old roofs in particular may require constant repair work if you are to keep them up to scratch, the costs of which can easily add up to more than that of a whole new roof. So, why not just get that roof rebuild done so that you don’t need to think about much additional repair or maintenance work for potentially decades to come?

From zinc roofs to copper roofs, our well-qualified, skilled and experienced personnel possess the in-depth knowhow in different roof types that is required to undertake the widest range of roof rebuilds without a hitch. Give them a call now to discuss your own property’s individual requirements.

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