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The Importance of Church Repairs

The image of churches seems to wax and wane with the times, with particular renewed focus being thrown on their supportive role within their communities during times of crisis, such as natural disasters or terrorist atrocities.abbey church

Contrary to popular perceptions of a decline in organised religion, the number of churches in the UK is thought to have increased in recent years, to more than 50,000. However, with so many of our churches also being older buildings, they can be vulnerable to deterioration without the right regular maintenance and repairs.

If you have responsibility for the upkeep of a church, you may be interested in the following reasons why the right repair work really is critically important.


  1. Churches are particularly vulnerable buildings

Did you know that as of 2007, 45% of all Grade I listed buildings were places of worship? Although not all listed buildings are especially old, their listed status is nonetheless a reflection of both their importance and – in many cases – their vulnerability.

Necessary repairs to listed places of worship are said to cost £185 million a year, according to research by English Heritage, and as many church buildings with especially complicated needs continue to age, that cost is only likely to escalate to even higher levels in the years ahead.

  1. Prevention is much better than cure

There are many problems that can easily develop with the fabric of a church. There may be structural issues, fungal or insect infestations can take root and even previous repairs may turn out to have been a mere ‘quick fix’ failing to slow down a church’s ongoing decay.

Whatever the exact problems that affect your own church, you can be sure that carrying out remedial work at an early stage is far preferable to leaving those issues to deteriorate further, thereby creating the need for much more fundamental rebuilding or even permanent demolition.

  1. Roofing can be a particular problem spot

With so much church roofing having had little attention paid to it since the construction of the building on which it sits, it can also be one of the first parts of a church to exhibit obvious problems.

Thankfully, here at ELC Roofing Ltd, we have a highly skilled, well-qualified and experienced team able to carry out the full range of work that your church’s roofing may require. Our renowned lead workers, tilers, slaters, flat roofers, carpenters and builders can oversee minor church repairs just as confidently as much more extensive roof rebuilds.

  1. Churches play a vital community role

Another reason why church repairs are so important is simply the great importance that the church often has to its community as a whole. In a time of ageing and increasing lonely populations, churches remain a vital source of spiritual refuge.

Even today, churches remain significant venues for all manner of social and community activities, being used by those of every religious allegiance and none.

Here at ELC Roofing Ltd, we possess considerable experience and knowhow in church repairs, with an appreciation of the often highly specialised requirements of places of worship. We have an excellent track record of undertaking repairs to church roofing in such areas as Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex, and eagerly await your call.

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