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What are the different types of roofs for homes?

Whether you are carrying out extension work to your home, replacing an existing roof or simply having more minor repairs carried out, it pays to develop a good knowledge of the different types of roofs that are available for homes.

While, here at ELC Roofing Ltd., we cater for a broad range of roof types from copper roofs to zinc roofs, our emphasis in this piece is on some of the different shapes of roofs, rather than materials, that are possible.

Mansard roof

Four slopes make up this roofing – two on each of the building’s sides, with the lower slope being steeper and more vertical than the upper slope. This is the type of roof that you may choose if you wish to accommodate further living or storage space at the top of your property.


Gambrel roof

This type of roof has much in common with the mansard option, mainly differing in the inclusion of vertical gable ends and the overhang of the roof over the home’s facade. This type of roof is thought to hail from the Netherlands, as opposed to the French origins of the mansard roof.

Pyramid roof

A fairly self-explanatory roofing option, a pyramid roof has the classic pyramid shape leading up to a single point. It tends to be used on more modest structures like garages, or for smaller portions of a grander property.


Flat roof

It’s much easier to build a flat roof than many of the alternative types cited here, while you can also stand on it much more safely. Such benefits do come with the cost, however, of a greater need for maintenance given how quickly debris can accumulate on it with nowhere to slide off.

Cross gabled roof

Gabled roofs resemble triangles when the property is viewed from the front, while cross gabled roofs are popular in homes that have additional wings, which can each have triangular gabled roofing of their own.

Arched roof

Another roofing option that only generally sees use on one part of the home, an arched roof nonetheless provides a nice visual focal point when positioned among more conventional sloped roofs as part of a larger property.


Skillion roof

A single sloping roof surface is known as a skillion roof. These slightly inclined flat roofs can make a big impression when incorporated into more contemporary abodes, helping to create some potentially very interesting shapes and patterns in combination with other roofing types.

The above isn’t an absolutely exhaustive guide to the different types of roof that are possible for your home, but is nonetheless a good starting point for roof rebuilds and other work that you may undertake to this important part of your property.

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