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Why a Roof Rebuild Can Help When Selling a Property

roof tilesWhen you are looking to sell a property, chances are that you will hear from all kinds of sources – friends, family, maybe websites like this one – about things that will help to boost its value and make it easier to sell.

Sometimes, though, you don’t have the luxury of considering a glamorous kitchen refurbishment or loft conversion to increase your home’s allure to prospective buyers, as there may be rather more fundamental, basic repairs to carry out.

One such, highly visible part of your property that may need to be repaired or replaced prior to selling is the roofing. Sure, if there is a gaping hole in your roof, getting in touch with a roof rebuilds specialist like ELC Roofing Ltd is obviously a good idea – but what about situations that are slightly more ambiguous?

Never underestimate the impact of roof rebuilds

As aforementioned, there are definitely more exciting major improvement projects that can be carried out on your house than a roof rebuild – or at least, that is what most homeowners probably think. Here at ELC Roofing Ltd, we suspect that one look at some of the gorgeous zinc roofs and copper roofs that we have rebuilt in the past might be enough to change your mind!

Nonetheless, even if you struggle to get excited about the idea of new roofing, you should certainly take an interest, given that a worse-for-wear roof can quickly become a negotiating point in any sale.

Are there circumstances in which I should sell ‘as is’?

Contrary to widespread perceptions, it certainly isn’t impossible to sell a home with a roof that has seen better days, but much depends on a wide range of factors – not least the nature of the damage itself. Even a seemingly tiny hole in your roof can quickly deteriorate, drawing the elements into your home and even – in a worst case scenario – potentially making your attic structurally unsafe.

If, however, your roofing is structurally fine, with any deterioration being largely cosmetic, you may decide to simply advertise your home at a lower price that takes into account the cost of a rebuild or ongoing maintenance.

Talk to us about a comprehensive roof rebuild

In many circumstances, however, it really is well worthwhile to have your roofing replaced so that you can compete equally with other selling homeowners in the local area. A property that has had its roofing completely rebuilt by a highly capable specialist firm like ELC Roofing Ltd looks incredible and will give your buyer that all-important additional peace of mind.

With your home’s roof being one of its most prominent and important parts, a highly extensive and professional roof rebuild can bring you a much better return on your investment than you might think. Get in touch with ELC Roofing Ltd today about a replacement roof that will really show off your home to maximum advantage when you put it on the market.

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