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Why zinc roofs are the way forward

Zinc is just one of the many roofing material options that we are proud to offer here at ELC Roofing Ltd., and indeed, metal roofs have long been a specialism of ours. You might also enquire to us about copper roofs, for example – so why is zinc arguably the way forward as a roof material?


While zinc shares with other metal roofing options an extremely high level of corrosion resistance, it also distinguishes itself in its ability to self-heal, with scratches tending to diminish over time. Zinc is the ideal roofing material for those who wish to install it and then think little more of it, with its required maintenance being very low compared to many of the alternatives.


Zinc’s weatherproof qualities and resistance to UV degradation help to make it exceptionally long-lived, as demonstrated by many century-old roofs in Belgium and the Netherlands. It is partly for these reasons of longevity that zinc also makes a lot of economic sense for roof rebuilds. However, it can also be more affordable to purchase from the outset than other metal options, with its complete recyclability even giving it stronger eco-friendly credentials than you might think.


However, there’s a certain other very powerful reason to choose zinc roofing… it so often simply looks better than any of the alternatives. Real metal roofs tend to incorporate crisp, clean lines that catch the eye and flatter a building. Here at ELC Roofing Ltd, we can further enhance that visual impact with a wide choice of finishes for your zinc roofing, from blue/grey or quartz to natural grey, graphite or anthracite.


Nor should you ever underestimate zinc’s versatility as a roofing material, as the ELC Roofing Ltd. team knows well, given the wide range of shapes that we can adapt it to and the strips in which it is applied. Zinc can even provide a great foundation for finer detailing on your home’s roof. Many of the most ingenuous roofing designs in modern buildings, incorporating the most spectacular swooping curves, are made possible by zinc, which is suitable for pitches from 5 to 90 degrees and is thin enough to follow all manner of angles and curves.

All of these factors in favour of zinc roofs make it unsurprising that it can also add significant long-term value to your home. When you are seeking a great roofing material that makes a big visual impact right now while also making practical sense for the long term, you simply can’t beat zinc – and here at ELC Roofing Ltd., we are only too happy to carry out the highest quality zinc roof rebuilds for your own home.

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