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Zinc roofs vs copper roofs

When you are seeking longevity in your choice of roofing, there really is no better option than metal. Roof rebuilds that use metal over more traditional materials can last for many decades longer, meaning that they could outlast even you.

Although there are many material options for a metal roof, the ultimate choice so often comes down to zinc or copper. So, what do you need to know about these popular metals for roofing, and which might be the best choice for your own home or commercial building?


Copper roofing

One of the biggest undoubted reasons to install a copper roof is its ‘kerb appeal’ – this timelessly beautiful metal is so often the roofing material adorning the most distinguished historic homes, although it also lends itself well to more contemporary building designs.

The natural weathering of copper does cause a gradual change in colour over time, from its original orange-brown into a blue-green patina. However, far from an inconvenience, many homeowners and property developers very much love this transition, and here at ELC Roofing Ltd., we can even supply the roofing in its final green stage.

Copper is also known for its extraordinary robustness as a roofing material, with even the most severe weather conditions able to be withstood. Copper roofs never catch on fire, require very little attention by way of repair or maintenance and even last in impeccable condition for an immensely long time – centuries, in fact.

Zinc roofing

With copper offering such prestige, visual appeal and durability, it’s easy to overlook a zinc roof’s own remarkable qualities. Zinc certainly gives little away to copper as far as aesthetic appeal is concerned, with its crisp, clean lines and ability to be formed into various dynamic shapes and curves making it a potentially more suitable roofing material for ambitious new buildings.

Nor is zinc exactly too much of a slouch in the longevity stakes, with a century-long lifespan by no means unrealistic. Weatherproof, corrosion resistant and able to withstand Ultra Violet (UV) light without degradation, zinc is also often more affordable than copper.

Some of those contemplating zinc for their roof rebuilds also often fail to realise its strong eco-friendly credentials, which are attributable to not only the sheer longevity of the metal, but also its complete recyclability and the fact that it takes much less energy to produce than copper.

So, which is best?

There is, of course, no straightforward answer to this question – while copper is a very much proven and prestigious roofing material option, zinc offers an impressive level of durability, versatility and visual appeal in itself.

Here at ELC Roofing Ltd., we are happy to advise you on your options if you are uncertain, to help ensure that you choose only the most suitable roofing material for your own project.

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