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Copper and Zinc Roofs

ELC Roofing are trained in the application and repair of metal roofs including copper and zinc. These are a popular option with flat roofing due to the durability of the material and for the obvious aesthetic benefits.


Zinc requires very little to no maintenance and in the long term will add value to your home.As zinc is applied in strips it is very versatile and can be adapted to any shape and also allows for fine detailing to be applied on the roof.

There are a multitude of different finishes to choose from such as natural zinc (bright), this is marginally cheaper in price as it hasn’t been treated. Other colours include shades of grey, blue/grey, quartz, graphite or Anthracite.


Like zinc, copper has been used in the construction of roofs for hundreds of years and copper is considered to be the most prestigious of roofing materials.

Not only does copper create an attractive looking roof but it also requires less maintenance than other materials. Having a copper roof installed is an excellent long term investment. Often a copper roof will in fact outlast the structure it covers.

Copper roofing will change colour over time due to natural weathering, turning from its original orange-brown colour to finally ‘Verdigris’ (green). It can also be purchased already in the final green stage. Copper is not only highly weather proof but also fire-resistant.