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Advantages of Zinc Roofs

Zinc Roofing Material Advantages and Disadvantages

With so many different metal roofing options available, it can be hard to decipher which will be the most affordable, durable, stylish and architectural of them all.

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When choosing a roof, your priority should be what protection your new metal roof can offer.

For example, metal roofs such as copper, zinc and steel are highly adaptable, modern materials that provide homeowners with decades’ worth of protection.

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Zinc Roofing has unique advantages

As expert metal roofers, we know that nothing quite comes close to zinc – and we’ll tell you why…

Zinc can be shaped and warped to your specifications

  • Use traditional seam panels (classic look)
  • Zinc comes in a variety of colours as it can be painted to create a unique look.

One of the most significant advantages of zinc is its malleability. As a result, a metal roof is very flexible, making it an architect’s dream.

With zinc, you can create beautiful custom designs and shapes that will take your home into the next era and stand out from other properties in your neighbourhood.

This versatile metal can easily be formed into aesthetically pleasing lines and impressive shapes, which means there are hardly any limits for an architectural design.

Great value for money means you won’t be disappointed

More than this, installing a zinc roof will undoubtedly increase your property’s value and be an interesting feature alluring to prospective home buyers.

With zinc roofs, homeowners are often blown away with their return on investment.

Ultimate protection

We are confident enough with zinc roofs to say that it is one of the most durable materials you can install on your roof.

Those in the past who have felt let down with asphalt or tiled roofs can turn to zinc and be offered real peace of mind that they have found a reliable, long-lasting roofing solution.

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All you need to know about choosing zinc

  • Low maintenance/zinc roofs need minor repair throughout their life
  • Increasingly popular sustainable roofing material
  • Environmentally friendly (green building material)
  • Recyclable & low toxicity
  • Last significantly longer than other roofing materials
  • Used in roofing projects for over 150 years

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We also offer a range of rainwater systems. Including half-round, box gutters and downpipes.

Other metal roofing we supply and fix include Aluminium, Steel, Lead and Copper.

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