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Aluminium Roofing

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ELC Roofing as based in Sudbury and Ipswich but cover the whole of Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk.

These are some of the main areas we work but we cover the whole of East Anglia.

We are available to provide a free quote, view any projects and give our best advice to restoring properties.

Our showroom provides samples of all sorts of materials including cedar shingles and oak shakes, we invite you to come in and take a look at our address in Sudbury Suffolk: Unit 7 Woodhall Business Park, Drury Drive, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 1WH.

Aluminium Roofing has many benefits, not only does it look good by giving your property a modern look, but it is ideal roofing material.

Aluminium colour options

Below is the range of colour swatches available:

Traditional Textures, ELC Roofing, Sudbury, Ipswich, Saffron Walden

Zinc Patina Finishes

Zinc Patina Swatch
Graphite Swatch
Dark Zinc
Traditional Textures Zinc Red
Traditional Textures Zinc Blue
Traditional Textures, Green Zinc

Copper and Corten Finishes

Traditional Textures, Copper Metallic
Traditional Textures, Copper Oxide
Traditional Textures, Copper Patina
Corten Swatch

Other Precoated Aluminium Finishes

Anthracite Swatch
Gold Aluminium Finish

Metal Solutions Ltd have introduced a range of precoated aluminium that captures the colour pigments and textures of real zinc & copper cladding.

The result of this is a realistic and aesthetically pleasing finish, all for a fraction of the cost of more expensive materials.

Precoated aluminium is a flat rolled product with an aluminium core protected by a special coating.

It has a long life, is lightweight, is easy to work and is eco-friendly.

Warranties are available on a prior project basis, up to 20 years on the base metal & coating.

Standard colours are Zinc Patina, Graphite Patina, Dark Zinc Patina, Red Zinc Patina, Blue Zinc Patina, Green Zinc Patina, Copper Oxide, Copper Patina, Corten, Anthracite (RAL7016) & Inca Gold, however we can produce precoated aluminium in any RAL colour as well as many other specialist finishes.

Please contact us for more information / sample packs.

ELC Roofing, Zinc Roofs in Surrey

Four reasons why aluminium is a great roofing material:

  1. Aluminium is one of the lightest metal roofing sheets meaning it doesn’t add much weight to the building structure.
  2. It is a very strong material and has the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal.
  3. Aluminium does not rust or corrode.
  4. The initial cost may be high, however is still cheaper than zinc, and comes in all sorts of colours to match up with window RAL Colour.

With many types of guttering available you can choose hard metals or UPVC guttering to match with your aluminium roof.

Our teams have worked on new builds, listed properties, stately homes, halls, manors, churches, schools, holiday homes, cottages and work for private property owners, landlords, and contractors whether the job is a new build, rebuild, repair work, insurance work or emergency work.

Have you considered other hard metal roofing options such as zinc, copper, lead and steel?

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