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Zinc, Metal & Single Ply Roofing Contractors Kent

Established in 2012, ELC roofing contractors are CSCS certified and provide 10-year guarantees across our roofing services.

Over nine years, we have installed and repaired over 1,500 roofs.

We aim to provide the most competitive costs for zinc roof repairs and installations as VM Zinc qualified installers.

Operating across the East of England, we have zinc roofers readily available in Kent, Tonbridge, Folkestone, Dover and beyond.

We are happy to provide free, no-obligation quotes and provide estimates, surveys, reports and assessments at no extra charge.

You can rely on ELC Roofing to get the job done correctly and on time!

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Why zinc roofs?

Did you know that 80% of roofs in old Paris were constructed from Zinc, many of which achieved 200 years of longevity?

Now, they are becoming more popular amongst many homeowners in the UK.

  • Extremely corrosion resistant
  • Self-healing
  • Very low maintenance
  • Lasts over 100 years in unpolluted environments
  • 100% recyclable, making it sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • As noisy as standard asphalt roofs
  • High-impact architectural feature
  • Roofing and cladding often featured in popular TV programmes

See more benefits.

A great investment for your home

Zinc is a great cost-effective option for your house.

What is not very well known is that mortgage providers love zinc roofs and often fund mortgage top-ups to complete the works.

This is because they are very sturdy and add value to the home.

So, if your mortgage provider funds your zinc roof, you’ll be able to pay monthly rather than with savings.

Fundamentally, if you keep experiencing problems and your roof needs consistent repairs; eventually, you will need to replace the roof when it completely fails.

Zinc roofs, in this case, are cost-effective because of their durability, strength and resistance.

On top of this, it adds value to your property, where many of our clients upon selling their home often receive higher sale prices.

Swift, straightforward metal roof installations

We can offer great value roofing services to suit your budget.

They include:

  • Zinc Roofing
  • Zinc Roof
  • Zinc Cladding
  • Zinc Rainwater System

Zinc roofing costs

We wish we could provide direct quotes right now. However, applying one price for all zinc roof installations would be unfair. Every roof is different; they have different existing materials, problems, repair histories, structural specifications, and sizes.

We would need to know about your home and project in detail to provide an accurate quote. We will also need to discuss with you samples, colours and if we are including any skylight windows.

Colour Swatches

Below are the range of colour swatches available in the VM Zinc range:

VMZinc Azenger swatch


VMZinc Quartz-Zinc swatch


VMZinc Anthra-Zinc swatch


Pigmento Red

Pigmento Red

VMZinc Pigmento Brown colour swatch

Pigmento Brown

VMZinc Pigmento Green colour swatch

Pigmento Green

VMZinc Pigmento Blue colour swatch

Pigmento Blue

Wherever you are in Kent

Our nearest office is in Chelmsford, however, we have roofers readily available in Maidstone, Canterbury and Ashford.

With main offices in Chelmsford, our certified roofers can be at your home in CT11/ME15 in half an hour or less, so whether it’s an emergency, or if you want us to come down to price up the job and give you a quote – we’ll be there.

Call 01223 734954.

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