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Insulation & Ventilation

Here at ELC Roofing Ltd, we carry out a lot of work insulating properties for our customers.

Below are a few of the insulations we use on a regular basis but are not limited to:

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Our teams have experience working on new builds, listed properties, stately homes, halls, manors, churches, schools, holiday homes, cottages and work for private property owners, landlords, and contractors whether the job is a new build, rebuild, repair work, insurance work or emergency work.

ELC Roofing as based in Sudbury and Ipswich but cover the whole of Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk.

These are some of the main areas we work but we cover the whole of East Anglia. We are available to provide a free quote, view any projects and give our best advice to restoring properties.

Our showroom provides samples of all sorts of materials, we invite you to come in and take a look at our address in Sudbury Suffolk: Unit 7 Woodhall Business Park, Drury Drive, Sudbury, Suffolk, CO10 1WH.


This highly popular insulation is laid on the top of the rafters, this is after a counter batten has been fixed horizontally to the rafter itself.

Once the Triso is laid on top of the counter battens all joints are sealed, followed by the fixing of the tile battens.

This is done to achieve an air gap of 25mm to allow the roof to breathe.

Loft Insulation, Sudbury, Suffolk, Ipswich


Celotex is another one of the most popular insulations on the market, it can be laid on walls, floors and roofs.

Celotex is often cut in between the rafters on pitched roofs, this would be achieved by fixing battens to the inside of each rafters creating a base for the Celotex to sit on.

Again an air gap of 25mm would need to be left to allow for airflow.

Loft Insulation, Sudbury, Suffolk, Ipswich


One of the most common insulations used in UK households.

Rockwool is normally rolled out between the joists in the loft space of properties, and due to the current building regulations would usually require the joists being packed out with timber to allow the correct amount of 300mm to be installed.

If you have any issues with condensation/ventilation problems then we charge a fee of £360 inc VAT for us to come out and access your property.

Loft Insulation, Sudbury, Suffolk, Ipswich

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