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Listed Buildings

Listed & Heritage Work: Replacing Roof Grade 2 Listed Building

ELC Roofing has many years of experience repairing and replacing roofs on listed buildings.

Whether slate, tile or lead work – our roofing contractors are trained to the highest standard in the care of older, historic and listed buildings.

We get great pleasure in keeping older buildings looking at their best, by combining old and new methods to gain the best results and look for our customers.

What restrictions are on a grade 2 listed building?

Grade II Listed Builders are subject to certain regulations that are designed to protect their historical aspects and architectural attributes.

Because these buildings are of special interest, making any changes to the building work will require written consent from the relevant authority.

Do you need listed building consent for roof repairs?

If you wish to alter the design, the material or the colour of a roof on a Listed Building you will be required to gain Listed Building Consent.

When is listed building consent not required?

In situations where we are just repairing the roof and not altering the original structure, design, material or colours, then we will not need Listed Building Consent.

This is because we are keeping the original roof intact and just ensuring that is maintained and not deteriorating.

Cost of a new roof on a listed building

Renovating a listed building will require specific skills and materials, which can be costly for the owner, however, there are definitely ways you can keep the cost low whilst still maintaining the integrity of the house.

The extent of the repair will also affect the costs, we recommend that it’s best in these situations to meet with a roofing professional, who can offer you guarantees and warranties across their work, especially when listed buildings are concerned.

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We carry out roof repairs to listed buildings in Cambridge, Ely, Sudbury, Bury St. Edmunds, Newmarket, Haverhill, Ipswich and Colchester.

Please note that not just any roofer can carry out this type of work, there are certain rules to be followed to ensure the listed building is maintained and keeps its conventional historic features.

Read more about renewing your historic or listed roof from Historic England here.

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