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Warning Signs You Need a New Roof
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When to Replace Your Roof

Common signs you need a new roof:

  • Roof leaks and cracks
  • Growth and outdated
  • Roof rot
  • Poor energy efficiency

For the average homeowner, it can be difficult to determine whether your roof has any serious issues – making it even harder to know when it needs replacing.

So, as expert roofers operating throughout the East of England, we thought we would share with you the vital warning signs to be aware of.

Please bear in mind that it will be crucial to check for these early signs that your roof needs work, as issues that go ignored often lead to larger, and pricier fixes in the future.

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Look for signs of damage within the interior

The inside of your home will give you some good clues and indications of the current health and state of your roof.

  • Dark streaks: Often a sign of mould or moisture leaking through the roof.
  • Sagging roof: A serious indication that your roof needs a replacement as it shows structural issues within the building.
  • Water damage/leaking: Finding random water in your home might mean that your roof is leaking. Water is most likely seeping in from broken tiles or flashing.
  • Light seeping from the outside: If you see light entering from your roof, there might be holes or cracks. A secure roof will not let any light in.

Check the exterior of your roof

Exterior issues might explain some of the issues you are experiencing inside of the home.

It may also uncover undiscovered issues that have not been visible from the interior.

  • Damaged tiles: Loose, rotting, torn, missing or cracked tiles will need replacing.
  • Age: Over a long period, weathering and the elements easily take their toll on your roof. Roofs that are likely over 20 years old will need replacing, however, this is down to the material you choose as zinc roofs last for much longer.
  • Algae, moss or mould: Indicating moisture damage to the roof, which can develop into roof rot.
  • Granules in guttering: Pieces of roof tile or shingles in your gutter is often a sign of a deteriorating roof.
  • Pooling water: Often seen with flat roofs, this shows that the water is not being properly drained, which can lead to sagging or mould.
  • Flashing: Is it secure? Check around vents and chimneys as this can cause leaks.
  • Sagging roof: Is your roof level? If it’s not, it is a sign of a weakened and often compromised structure. This is a critical indicator of needing a roof replacement as it could collapse.

Choosing the right new roof

If in fact, you need a new roof, it might be a good idea to explore modern as well as traditional materials that can serve your home a lot better in the future.

  • Metal roofs (zinc)
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Clay or concrete tiles
  • Wood shingles
  • Slate tiles

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Our services

If you think you are having roofing issues, do not wait. They are likely to get worse and worse over time and lead to bigger issues.

Spotting the warning signs early can make all the difference. Check out our services:

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Keeping a roof well-maintained

A strong and sturdy roof is an important aspect of anybody’s home. Not only does it keep you the occupier safe, but it protects your entire properties structure.

More often than not, homeowners do not pay too much attention to their roof until something very visible and noticeable appears; this can be in the form of a leak or broken tiles.

Often giving it no second thought, we can fall into the trap of believing that our roof is doing structurally sound and protecting your home from the elements.

But as you can see the warning signs above, which break down what to look out for when a roof needs replacing.

By dealing with early damage and maintaining your roof throughout the seasons, it can save you both time and money in the future.

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How to take good care of your roof

  1. Clean the roof regularly
  2. Clear away any debris
  3. Check the shingles
  4. Clean the gutters
  5. Carry out regular inspections

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