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Installation Process

Installing Zinc Roofing the Right Way

When it comes to installing zinc roofs, you really want to find a roofing company that specialises in this area of modern roof design, who can work with you and an architectural designer.

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Zinc roofs can basically last a lifetime – that is, with the quality of installation and the right roofing contractors for the job. Here at ELC, we like to consider ourselves as zinc roof specialists.

But you don’t have to take our word for it; you can read our many reviews and even view our project gallery to see our successful past zinc projects.

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Getting started – the beginning stages

The initial part of the zinc roof process understands everything you can do with zinc. That’s why it’s best to consult with an architect and roofer to fully understand your options.

Below we’ve summarised in brief exactly what you can do to bring your vision to life and some options that are available to you.

Zinc roof options:

  • Create custom shapes
  • Choose your own colour
  • Add your own unique fixtures

One of the beauties of zinc is that it is completely flexible – meaning you can do almost anything with it. From creating the most unique architectural shapes to finding the right hue; zinc comes in an array of colours and finishes.

If you’re considering a zinc roof, it’s likely best that you spend some time with an architect and a zinc roofer to see what you can do with your current type of roof and the best options available to you.

Different design options:

  • Natural zinc; shiny, metallic surface which develops a patina over time.
  • VMZinc Azengar; a pre-paginated product which provides smooth, matt surfaces.
  • Textures; roller-applied textures can also be incorporated, which can create unique textured finishes such as grooves, ripples and even fish scales.
  • Pre-pigmented varieties; specific your own zinc roof colour from warm red to purple.
  • Fixing methods; standing seam roofs or shingle systems (small individual metal sheets).

Various installation methods:

Eaves installation: Using the swept end method (this type of detail is elegant but requires more time and skill).

Hip installation: Traditional hip installation and the G3 hip method. G3 method can only be used when the distance between clips is less than 940mm. The traditional hip method cannot be vented – it is also the only design where flattened seams are acceptable.

Ridge installation: Can be used on warm (non-vented) and cold vented roofs.

Verge installation: Created either by using a G3 or a standing seam verge. Here, the downstand needs to be at least 60mm. The G3 verge can also be used on curved roofs with a radius of 3m.

Transverse junction installation: Using standing seam zinc roofing panels together using steps or welted joints.

Valley installation: This can only be used on roofs where the slope is at least 14 degrees.

Your new zinc roofing project can also include rooflight installations, windows as well as fascias.

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