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ELC is a professional zinc root installer with over 10 years experienced. An award-winning roofer ELC is also VMZinc recommended installer. It is predicted that in the near future 72% of the UK’s most prestigious new homes will have zinc roofs.

Zinc Roofs Cambridge - ELC Roofing

Why are zinc roofs and cladding so popular now in Cambridgeshire?

  • Zinc is undeniably beautiful
  • Zinc roofs have a very long service life
  • Zinc is a safe way to specify a metal roof and has low toxicity levels
  • zinc can be used on the whole building envelope
  • Zinc is malleable and sturdy and can be formed easily into various shapes.
  • Zinc is a recyclable material and the production of zinc consumes less energy than other similar metals

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All throughout 2020-1 we have had a lot of interest from both architects and self-builders wanting to use Zinc in their projects. Zinc is now very popular and if you pop into our Sunbury showroom we can show you the full range of textures and colours. We are VMZinc recommended installers for the whole of Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

Common questions that homeowners and architects ask in Cambridge

Are zinc roofs expensive?

Zinc roofs can cost more than traditional roofs. However, what needs to be taken into account is not only the very long service life. but also the flexible architectural finish and colours that zinc can offer as a roofing material. Some money can be saved by the fact that labour costs are lower as zinc roofs are faster to construct than tile and some slate roofs. ELC Zinc roofs.

How long will a zinc roof last?

Theoretically, a zinc roof can last up to 100 years. Zinc roofing materials are obviously weatherproof but also corrosion-resistant and does not rust. They are also safe from harsh sunlight and are not degraded by Ultra Violet light.

The reason for this is new zinc roofs go through an oxidation and weathering process known as patina, a little like a tarnish or second coat. This protective layer is formed on the zinc roof’s surface. The new additional surface is what protects the zinc from rust and further weathering.

What are the disadvantages of a zinc roof?

Although zinc is light and is cheap to transport, the material is expensive. Cost is probably the biggest ‘con’ when choosing a new roof for a home or extension. The other issue that can put buyers and architects of is the patina process. The patina process of zinc roof can be slow and the end colour is hard to predict.

ELC Roofing is a member of Trust A Trader – the web’s largest directory of tried, tested, and trustworthy tradespeople. We design and supply zinc, copper, aluminium and stainless steel roofs and cladding all over Cambridge.

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