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VM Zinc surface finishes

Natural and Pre-weathered Zinc Choices

Since 1837 VMZINC® has manufactured a wide range of rolled zinc products for building envelopes.

In addition to their popular standing seam roof systems, their products extend to rainwater systems, cladding systems and facades.

More than this, the company also produces many decorative roofing products like dormers, bull’s eyes, weather-vane and multiple other ornaments.

As a VMZINC certified installer, we are proud to join the manufacturer in building the future with a variety of zinc colours and finishes for the most innovative architectural visions.

For technical and design support, choose ELC Roofing. For 10 years we have been installing zinc roofs, cladding and dormers for a wide variety of households across the southeast of England.

Zinc Roof Advantages - ELC Roofing

Zinc roof colour options we offer

Our zinc roof options are available in a choice of natural finishes or eight pre-weathered finishes.

We also offer bespoke PIGMNETO colours.

Here at ELC Roofing, we can do many things with zinc; we can emboss it, perforate and even incorporate textures to help create even the most creative of designs.

Colour breakdown

Zinc provides a diversity of finishes and surface aspects:


These finishes offer a range of colours (blue, green, brown, red, grey, storm grey and charcoal blue).

As a natural product, it enables the QUARTZ-ZINC’s texture to still be seen. Just like a grain of wood is still visible after a coat of paint or varnish.

These colours are used to complement the other elements of the roof or facade.

However, staining is possible 1km from the sea, so the application should be considered here.

Did we mention it’s maintenance-free?


Has a shiny metallic appearance when brand new developing a patina over time. In facade applications, for example, the patina may take 10 years to form.


Quartz-Zinc is natural zinc that has been specially treated to visually mimic naturally-aged patinas.

The surface finish is pre-weathered and when first installed offers colours similar to natural zinc’s matt-grey patina.

The appearance and texture will not change over time. If this material is scratched, you can expect it to self-heal.

Quartz-zinc blends perfectly with stone, wood, terracotta or slates.


Anthra-Zinc has dark, velvety characteristics that give it a stone-like finish.

The visible grain of Anthra-Zinc blends particularly with photovoltaic panels and matches the colour of slate.

Based on the installation, or the surface exposure to weather/geographical conditions, Anthra-Zinc might gradually lighten to dark grey over a slow period.


A surface finish is the first engraved zinc from VMZINC. It gives the product a matt and light aspect.

As with the same as Natural Zinc, Azengar can develop its own protective patina that will darken over time to light grey.

Send ELC Roofing a message and see how we can help you with your zinc roof designs, technical advice and installation. It pays to speak to the experts.

Vm zinc colour chart

Below is the range of colour swatches available in the VM Zinc range:

VMZinc Azenger swatch


VMZinc Quartz-Zinc swatch


VMZinc Anthra-Zinc swatch


Pigmento Red

Pigmento Red

VMZinc Pigmento Brown colour swatch

Pigmento Brown

VMZinc Pigmento Green colour swatch

Pigmento Green

VMZinc Pigmento Blue colour swatch

Pigmento Blue

We have offices and roofers based across the UK, that’s what makes us one of the largest, leading zinc roofing companies in the southeast of England.

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