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Zinc brands

Zinc Roofing Brands We Work With

There are various manufacturers and suppliers of zinc roofing materials. 

Choosing which system will be the best for your project can be difficult – especially when you don’t understand a lot about roofs and their installation processes.

Here at ELC Roofing, we like to be as informative as possible to best help homeowners, and our clients understand our systems, what we use and the level of skill required.

If there are two things you can rely on, our expertise and quality promise is our expertise. We partner with the best to provide the most durable and flexible options.

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Impressive roofing range

  • VMZINC Cladding
  • VMZINC Roofing
  • VMZINC Rainwater Systems
  • VMZINC Ornaments

VMZINC’s impressive roofing collection includes facades, roofing, rainwater systems and cladding.

They also make the process easy to understand with a catalogue of their design and installation literature, making it straightforward for all parties involved in the build-up.

Their facade systems also use all the great qualities of zinc roofing, which help property owners and architects meet their ambitious and modern designs.

The go-to choice for residential properties, homeowners often opt for VMZINC, whether it’s an extension, renovation, or complete construction.

VMZINC’s rainwater systems are also straightforward to install – and each is made from custom components.

You can expect all the usual elements and accessories within their range; all finished in high-quality quartz or anthra-zinc finish.

VMZINC Roofing

  • Sheets
  • Coils
  • Manufactured products and systems

ELC Roofing is proud to use VMZINC as one of our leading manufacturers for our zinc roofing projects.

A company steeped in history and manufacturing zinc products for a long time now provides a substantial range of titanium-zinc products like coils, facades, guttering, and sheets.

Their most popular and significant products are zinc cladding, roofing (standing seam sheets), rainwater systems, skylights, and ornaments.

What makes VMZINC stand out is that they always ensure that they have a variety of surface finishes and colours available, to name a few, natural, pre-weathered and PIGMENTO ranges.


Another company ELC works with to ensure the highest quality roofing is RHEINZINK.

Made in Germany and founded in 1966, RHEINZINK is one of the world’s leading producers of titanium zinc.

Providing all the usual systems for roofing, facades and drainage, RHEINZINK’s products are synonymous with quality.

Materials and surfaces include:

  • prePATINA
  • Classic
  • Granum
  • Prismo

Opting for roofing, facade, cladding or drainage systems from RHEINZINK can be a good choice because they have a network of in-house consultants who are readily available to advise and help you.

RHEINZINK Roofing Features

  • Gutters and facade systems (seam, panel, cassette)
  • Dormers, profiles and accessories
  • Roof system accessories (elements for balconies and porches, chimneys and gable cladding, wall copings and verge flashings)

RHEINZINK uses high-quality materials with a natural protective layer and has an unrivalled reputation for making some of the most robust materials.

Custom making their products from separate components, which are notorious for being quick and easy to assemble.

This is what makes RHEINZINK so widely used as they are suitable for many different types of projects.

Plus, they are so confident in their product that they can confidently provide 40-year guarantees.

So give us a message and see what we can do for you. It pays to speak to the experts.

We have offices and roofers based across the UK, that’s what makes us one of the largest, leading zinc roofing companies in the southeast of England.

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