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Zinc Dormer Structures & Attic Extensions

Zinc Dormer Structures & Loft/Attic Extensions

Zinc dormers typically are the same as residential dormers in various regards. 

This roof style is particularly popular for property owners looking to create extra living space within their property.

Therefore, here at ELC Roofing, we are seeing more and more property owners turning to dormers to convert their attic space into a functional, livable area.

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Unsure what a zinc dormer is?

Metal materials like zinc are taking over the UK’s roof style. A typical style for residential homes, the modern roof trend is becoming popular amongst commercial properties too.

Zinc or other kinds of dormers usually contain a window within the structure.

It’s most commonly seen in roofs with pitches; it’s important to note that dormers can also be used as a feature for flat roofs.

Typically, however, a dormer projects vertically from the plan of a roof pitch. And the beauty of dormers? They can be added to your property at any time without having to include the original plans of your roof structure.

These features make dormers and zinc dormers, in particular, the go-to choice.

How do zinc dormers work?

When dormers on tiled roofs use zinc, the valley gutters need to be placed alongside the sides of the dormer. These additional gutters will connect to the existing standing gutter.

The eye-catching, facade cladding at each side of the dormer is secured with clips to the wooden substructure. For many households, the preferred cladding system is standing seam.

For smaller surfaces, flat sheets can also be used and connected together with single welts. These also contain clips for fixation to the wooden substructure.

This kind of assembly and application will require specialist zinc roofers in order to avoid issues that can be caused by thermal effects. By checking the assembly of the coverings prior, we can make it possible to create watertight cladding.

Zinc dormer advantages:

  • Extends the living and roof space for residential properties
  • Common for attic and loft conversions
  • Allows extra light to enter your home
  • It is a unique, modern-looking feature
  • Improves the exterior and interior structure of the roof
  • Enhances aesthetic appeal of your property and can be made in various designs, colours, patterns and textures
  • 100% recycle rate
  • Zinc materials last 100 years or more with a minimum of 50 years

Residential dormer installation

The above photo shows an example of a recent residential zinc dormer project we took on, where a dormer was added to the existing roof.

Here, we used Anthra Zinc, one of VMZINC’s leading materials.

When it comes to zinc roofing, extensions, facades and dormers – ELC Roofing can do it all.

Not only do we have over a decade worth of experience installing zinc roofs for homeowners across the southeast of England, but we genuinely love the modern material and how malleable it is.

So if you want to upgrade your home, add extra space or give your roof an entirely new makeover, give us a call. We’ll be there to help. Call 01787 278103.

We have offices and roofers based across the UK, that’s what makes us one of the largest, leading zinc roofing companies in the southeast of England.

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