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Zinc Roof Extensions

Looking to create more space in your home? Enjoy more space with a zinc roof extension.

Zinc is an excellent, natural, durable and hugely malleable material that comes in a wide range of colour choices and textures.

So, whatever the architectural style or design you want with your home, the zinc material is the perfect candidate.

Installing a zinc roof requires specialist knowledge and experience – and when it comes to a big project like this, you’ll need skilled roofers that you can trust.

ELC not only have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this area but a passion for modern roof designs. So, if you would like our help, get in touch with us on Live Chat or here.

The crucial details

When it comes to adding a zinc roof extension to your home, you must work with the existing dimensions of your building.

Sometimes, due to the upstairs height, a shallow pitched roof is often the best option. And it’s in these cases that many architects would recommend a zinc roof to make it happen.

Some tiles can be suitable for roofs that are pitched around 12.5 degrees. However, roof pitches can be as shallow as 3 degrees with zinc roofs.

Homeowners can create deeper extensions this way, which means more space without ruining or obstructing any views from the upstairs windows.

Why should you choose zinc over glass?

If you’ve ever been in a glass-roofed extension, you will know how it can get in summer and how cold it can be in the winter months.
Zinc roofs, in comparison, provide essential shading as well as insulation.

Zinc roofs can even improve the temperature distribution as well as the humidity control. And if you are worried about compromising the amount of light your extension receives, installing a skylight is a popular, modern choice.

More than this, if you are a homeowner who wants their home to have a detailed look, zinc is undoubtedly a great choice. One of the most cost-effective hard metal material options, zinc, is becoming increasingly popular across the UK and beginning to replace glass roof extensions altogether.

Benefits of zinc:

  • It can add value to your home, which provides you with a substantial return on investment
  • Zinc is exceptionally long-lasting – typically lasting more than 100 years
  • Requires less maintenance; zinc is self-healing as it develops a self-protecting patina over time
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Very quick to install

You get more design options with zinc

Homeowners are not just turning to zinc because of its modern benefits but because they have the freedom to design and do more with this flexible material.

For example, with glass roofs or tiled roofs, you get one look. With zinc, you can create various forms and shapes and opt for pre-weathered finishes (which gives charcoal finishes) or textures.

Zinc also comes in various colours, finishes and patterns. You can choose from shiny metallic or matt finishes, having the colour coated with natural grainy textures and much more.

However, we are finding that the grey option seems to be the most popular choice, and as you can see in the picture above, it works well.

Want to explore zinc some more and see which one will be the best for your zinc roof extension development? Call us on 01787 278103.

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