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Zinc Roofing Contractors

Our zinc roofing contractors at ELC roofing are very familiar with various installation methods that may be required when using zinc material on different types of roofs.

Our team are well educated and experienced on how to make the best use out of this versatile metal and are able to achieve and create aesthetically pleasing lines and impressive shapes.

Our roofing team are experts and are highly experienced in installing zinc roofing, cladding and guttering.

As highly trained roofers, we can offer expert advice in helping you find the best metal roofing for your property, whether it’s industrial, commercial or domestic. Available 24/7 we can provide free roofing surveys and quotes as part of our impeccable customer service.

Zinc roof colour options

Below is the range of colour swatches available in the VM Zinc range:

VM Zinc Installer
VM Zinc Installer

Zinc roofs can last 100 hundred years

When it comes to installing zinc roofs, you will require experienced specialists like ELC.

This is to ensure the durability of the quality of work is up to standard in order to make sure your roof lasts for longer.

One of the most special properties of zinc is the fact that it repels corrosion and is also moisture-resistant.

Given the correct build-up, zinc can be the ideal choice for external use as it will remain perfectly intact throughout all seasons and weather.

New zinc roofs

Zinc is the darling of metal roofing and has no competitors materials that can match its longevity, durability, malleability, resiliency and cost-effectiveness. Discover zinc roofing costs here.

When it comes to constructing your new roof, ELC can help assist with the design, provide guidance for architects, advise on the width and positioning of zinc shingle and flatlock tiles as well as install the new roof for you.

We have offices and roofers based across the UK, that’s what makes us one of the largest, leading zinc roofing companies in the southeast of England.

Safe, robust and can do its job for years to come

Zinc roofs are perfect for eye-catching finishes and can modernise any traditional home with modern touches like standing seams, or enveloping walls and windows. Gutters and downpipes can even be incorporated using zinc.

Zinc roofs are completely flexible and malleable, which means we can create custom shapes and features all to suit your design specifications.

Zinc also comes in a range of colours and finishes, from matte to smoother textures. And now, you can even achieve the classic patina look right away from day one – which previously you used to have to wait a while for this effect to naturally occur.

Read more benefits here.

VM Zinc Quartz ELC Roofing Company

Why ELC Zinc Roofing Contractors?

  • Leading UK Zinc roofing company
  • We are VM Zincs Qualified Installers
  • All our projects using VM Zinc have their 10-year warranty
  • Estimates, surveys and risk assessments at no extra cost
  • Established in 2012
  • Our roofing contractors hold a valid CSCS card and have public liability insurance
  • 1,500+ happy customers
  • Guarantees & warranties across all our new zinc roofs
  • We tidy up and dispose of all materials and debris after constructing
  • Competitive prices
  • Free, no-obligation quotes
  • Zinc roof repairs across Suffolk and Essex

Zinc brochures

View these historic and reputable titanium zinc producers and brands we use to craft building envelopes, facades, and roofing, guttering and rainwater systems.

How long does it take?

Homeowners will be happy to hear that metal roofs do not take long to install at all – often taking 1-2 days to complete if good conditions allow.

This means that our clients can enjoy all the benefits of a metal roof as quickly as possible.

Who needs to be involved?

When it comes to the installation of zinc roofs it’s always best t have roofing professionals and specialist zinc contractors construct your roof.

We often work alongside architects and designers, even in the initial planning stage to ensure your plans can go ahead smoothly.

Zinc cladding

Different from zinc roof installations, zinc cladding offers its own application to makeover the external envelope of your home.

An ideal standing seam roof material, titanium zinc can be applied to various different types of roofs.

Zinc sheets can be formed into shingles, cassette panels and flat-lock panels which can clad any building style and create a new building envelope.

We can use flatlock and shingle zinc tiles to fix your property, which is fixed using hidden clips at the edge of the profiled tile.

However, we can also use industry fixings and follow manufacturers’ recommendations.

A roofing material you don’t have to worry about

Moving into the modern age, zinc is looking to be one of the most sought after roofing materials because of its durable and strong properties.

Initially more expensive than other traditional roofing materials like asphalt or tile, zinc can provide a better value for money because it is likely to need little or any repairs through its lifetime.

This is because zinc is also self-healing and repairing.

This is due to the patina, which if becomes damaged due to the weather or scratches can repair itself over time, making it look fresher for longer.

Your project

What are you looking for and how we can help? Are you in the research phase or considering your options?

Talk to us on Live Chat, or give us a call and we can advise on any questions you might have.

If you are considering ELC for your zinc reroofing project, why not click here to review examples of our work and our skills for yourself.

However, if you have moved into a home with a pre-existing zinc metal roof that might need repairing or replacing – we can also come to your home, provide a free survey and estimate to let you know what your next best options are.

If you’ve noticed a scratch on your zinc roof and are concerned, don’t worry, we recommend letting it heal on its own without having to touch it up with paint.

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Have some questions but are not ready to call? Read our zinc FAQ section here.

New Zinc Roofs

  • Any sized project undertaken
  • We work with architects
  • Free advice and quotations
  • 10-year warranties on new zinc roof installations

ELC Roofing based throughout the East of England (Cambridgeshire, Essex and Suffolk etc) is the industry leader when it comes to zinc roofing applications.

From initial concepts to design to construction, ELC Roofing has the skills and expertise to be with you every step of the way.

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